Software Library · <canvas> platforms

IECanvas ( Internet Explorer v6.0—8.0 )
IECanvas is an implementation of HTML Canvas written in C++, using Cairo and Mozilla code to provide Canvas support to legacy systems, such as Internet Explorer 6.0. A compiled and signed version is available from Jumis for embedding into general purpose web applications.
ASCanvas ( Actionscript v2.0—3.0 )
ASCanvas is an implementation of Canvas written in the ActionScript language, targetting Flash Player versions 9.0 and above. Using the ExternalInterface methods, you may extend Canvas to the browser’s Javascript virtual machine. ASCanvas can be compiled with the open source ASC.jar compiler released by Adobe, allowing you to cross-compile your Javascript into byte code.
JavaCanvas ( Java v1.6—7.0 )
JavaCanvas is an implementation of Canvas targeting Java AWT and Swing, based on original work from Rhino Canvas. It is currently designed for AWT/Swing, and has hooks for Mozilla’s Rhino Javascript interpreter and compiler. With JavaCanvas and Rhino, you can easily cross-compile your Javascript Canvas project to target Java Virtual Machines.
SharpCanvas ( C# v2.0—3 )
SharpCanvas is an implementation of Canvas written in C#, for the Common Language Runtime. It targets System.Windows.Forms, and runs in .Net, Mono and other platforms implementing this name space. Through cross-compiling, we have generated automated source code builds in various MSIL languages. With SharpCanvas you can easily compile your Javascript Canvas project to platforms supporting the MSIL / CLR. Javascript arrays, expandos and prototyping are supported by this package. You may also use the project as an Active X component, with Internet Explorer, or as a plugin to another DCOM or .Net application.