SCrypt is an implementation of DJB's ChaCha and Salsa (Snuffle) stream encryption packages, written in ECMAScript accompanying a C# port.

SCrypt free to use, without restriction.

System Requirements

  • Support
  • Language Version
    ECMAScript 1.7+
    C# 1+
  • Usage
  • Standalone Development, Reference Library, Shared Library

Privacy & Security

SCrypt uses a virtual machine for memory management. Data is encrypted using a block cipher known to both the encrypting and decrypting parties. Encrypted data should be considered highly sensisitve, there are many technical considerations to employ when using encryption software.

Release History

initial (block encryption)


Gaurav Kamath (project creator)
Charles Pritchard (project management)

With thanks to:
DJB (Snuffle stream encryption, C and Assembly implementations)


SCrypt is licensed under CCZero.

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